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Amabie Magnet

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Amabie is considered a "yokai" which is a supernatural spirit.

As the story is told, documented in 1846, a government official was investigating a mysterious green light in the water in former Higo, known as Kunamoto now. When he arrived at the location of the light, a glowing-green creature with fishy scales, long hair, three fin-like legs and a beak arose from the ocean.

Amabie introduced itself to the official and made two predictions: a rich harvest would bless Japan for the next six years, and a pandemic would ravage the country. However, the mysterious creature stated that the people could ward off the disease if they would simply draw an image of it and share it with as many people as possible.

With the last year and a half being what it has, we could probably all use an amabie in our lives right? Grab one for yourself and one to share with a friend! Maybe if we share this beautiful art with enough people, we'll see the end of the pandemic soon 💖

This magnet is not a piece to miss out on! 

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    -2x3" Hand Pressed Magnet

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